Buy A Turtle, Save A Turtle


Turtles are extremely admirable creatures. Although associated with long deliberate movements, turtles are extremely active and outlive most things on this planet and almost always reach their goal. Defined as a symbol of strength, stability and wisdom, Turtle limited is proud to be a part of this rare species. Inheriting these qualities, we have created a complete range of apparels. We take it further by donating a part of every sale of Turtle Merchandise to the preservation of this wonderful species. Effective 1st February 2013, we entered into an association with   Turtle Survival Alliance.TSA is a global umbrella body working towards conservation of turtles in multiple countries across the globe. It affiliates with various smaller NGOs for on-ground project execution. Turtle Limited supports the turtle conservation initiatives of TSA India.


Why we are saving Turtles?


We are all starting to feel the effects of global warming with increased hurricanes in the South, heat waves in the West and just more intense and crazier weather patterns around the globe. Due to the unique natural history of sea turtles, the impacts of global warming are likely to deliver a triple whammy that will be devastating- unless we act quickly.


How it works


Be a member of Threads Turtle Customer Loyalty Program by registering online or in our retail outlets and earn points every time you buy Turtle merchandise online or from any of our retail outlets. Earn points on every purchase of Rs.100. 1 point equals to 1 rupee. Once you have accumulated a minimum of 50 points you can donate these points at our Exclusive outlets.


Save Little Shelly

Only 1 in about 10,000 turtles survive to make their journey from the egg to the sea. World Turtle Day is celebrated on 23rd May. Each year, we do our bit for our Save A Turtle initiative along with TSA to save these little creatures.

Shelly, just like any other turtle is fighting to survive amidst the various dangers posed by the world – Nature, crabs, birds and most of all, humans! Help Shelly in her journey from the shell to the sea by joining our initiative.


Join our Social Media Campaign

#SAVELITTLESHELLY and help spread the word by following our TurtleOnline page and watching & sharing the cute little video on Shelly’s journey to the sea and the dangers she is faced with: