Unlike Pandas and Tigers, the cause of the Turtle has today become a blind spot.

Only some see them dying in millions every year. Very few care about their species facing extinction.

So while the world has turned a blind eye towards the importance of turtle conservation…

Can we take up their cause to those who have never seen a turtle before in their lives?

To open the blindfold of the world we go to the world of the blind


They say, the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen - they must be felt with the heart.

So, we arrange a small workshop with these little wonders who have the gift of unbound imagination.

A workshop, where we give them drawing sheets, colour pencils and colourful play dough. And tell them to paint or sculpt the Turtle of their imagination

And with a little help, we see some never-seen before beautiful and vividly colourful depictions of Turtles come alive in canvases and play dough.

We take these unseen, fascinating manifestations of the turtle and share it with the world.

Through posts, tweets, and uploads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Showing the beautiful creations and their wonderful creators.

People can like, share, donate points and spread the message on social media. And based on the number of likes, shares and points they can contribute towards the cause through Turtle Limited which would donate monetarily in partnership with TSA.

Posters, tent-cards and giveaways at every Turtle store will further reach out to people and spread this beautiful eye-opening message

And on World Turtle Day, we unveil these actual creations to the eyes of the world at large. Through small in-store exhibitions across select Turtle shops.

On this day, the world will get a chance to behold the beauty of Turtles as seen through the eyes with a heart. 

Also on that day, Turtle will launch a limited edition line of T-shirts with these amazing Turtle creations on them.

A certain amount of the money from the purchase will again be contributed towards the cause of the turtles.

To capture this inspiring initiative and share this eye-opening experience with the world, we will make a beautiful and uplifting video of the entire drive. And release it on the web.  

World Turtle Day, 2016.

Not just an ad in the newspaper for the people to see and turn over.

Not simply a drive asking people to donate money.

But an eye-opening experience for people that touches their heart. Shown to them by eyes that cannot see. But feel.

Because see it or not, the Turtle is a beautiful creature that deserves to be saved!’