6 Smashing Ways To Master The Monochrome

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They say it’s not easy to pick colors. From weather to occasion to your surroundings, everything has an impact on the way you pick colors. However, there is still a way-out for those who find it difficult to manage colors. It’s monochrome, the evergreen (rather the B&W) way to play it safe and stylish on the fashion scene. Not sure how to wear it? Here is the guide for you to master the monochrome art.
  1. The formal fervor:
Monochrome aka the black & white trend is a wardrobe classic for a reason. You will think twice before picking up a bright red shirt for your corporate meet. But choosing a black or a white one won’t be as tricky for you. Remember that crisp solid white shirt or the black blazer in classic cut in your closet? P.S. for an out-and-out vintage look pick a darker shade of charcoal.
Image courtesy : www.theidleman.com
  1. Incorporate patterns:
Plains to prints, structured to striped, you can try it all in monochrome without worrying much about the look. Yes it’s that safe and super stylish! Try it to believe it.
Image courtesy : www.fashionbeans.com
  1. Shine like the Evening Star:
Why worrying about the occasion when you can sport the monochrome in parties too. Black already has the reputation of being the esteemed evening wear. Opt for an all-black look or style it with a hint of white. Imagine teaming a classic black Tuxedo with a ruffled white shirt. Try not to fall in love with this one!
  1. Keeping it quirky isn’t tough either:
Prints are in fashion so why not show your quirkiest side in monochromatic prints? Like this geometric piece in black & white.
  1. Mix it right to match your mood:
If going all-white or all-black doesn’t work for you well then mixing it will be a sound idea. With prints, checks, stripes and engineered patterns you can experiment the way you want. Also, you may try wearing the same shade in different textures.
  1. Don’t forget to put on the attitude:
Easy-going, go-getter, high-flier, don’t forget to match monochrome with your attitude. It truly adds that extra spark to the overall look. Try it!
Now it’s time for you to try it. Good luck!

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