7 Smart Ways To Travel Light In Style

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To travel is to live. Reason enough for you to make it an experience worthwhile. Apart from making plans, booking tickets & managing work schedule accordingly what else can you work on to travel carefree? The answer is, packing your luggage right.

So men, before you set out,

  1. Prioritize comfort: This one is a must. Choose the right kind of clothing. Until and unless you’re on a business trip, opting for heavy suits and blazers makes no sense. Even if you have to carry a suit, make sure it’s the most comfortable one from your wardrobe. Linen and cotton are the recommended fabrics to ensure ultimate comfort while you’re on the move. Of course, depending on the climate, you may opt for woolens or other fabric. However, make sure not to choose something heavy which may bog you down.
  2. Vouch for accessories: Don’t let the weather get the better of your vacations. Make sure to stay cozy by accessorizing right. Keep a classic fedora hat or a trendy denim cap and a pair of sunglasses packed to stay safe in the Sun. Also carry some nice scarves for styling the boho look right.
  3. Pack it like a pro: So that you may concentrate on nature around you without worrying about the count of bags. Avoid making it bulky. Going multipurpose is the key. For instance, carry a reversible jacket to save space without compromising on style. To round it off, carry exactly what you want and leave behind what you don’t, simple!
  4. Wear clothes with pocket: Many of you (specifically who prefer the no-pocket fashion) may beg to differ but can you deny the convenience pocketed clothes bring? They may not be your best ever choice, they don’t have to be either but for the sake of keeping your phone or credit cards handy you may try them. After all, who likes to search the luggage each time they need the change or phone.
  5. Brighten up your travel mood: Vacations are the best time to go bold with colors. But, if you’re travelling for business, then obviously you need to be careful with the choice of color. A suave shade of blue may help you out in this scenario.
  6. Shoe space: You’ll have to be very wise while picking up the best pieces for your feet while you’re on the roll. After all having a separate luggage only for shoes doesn’t make sense. Pack your shoes keeping in mind the place you would be visiting. Roll the socks into your shoes. It’ll not only keep your shoes firm but save the space as well.
  7. Feel fresh and fashionable: Last but not the least, stay fragrant & fresh. You MUST carry some good toiletries like a nice perfume, cologne and shaving kit in your bag. After all, smelling fresh is the most fashionable thing. Agree?
So start packing your bag now for a fashionable voyage. Happy journey!

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