8 Ways To Dress Up For Summer & Have A Good Time

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Summer dressing is important guys. Simply because you’ll have to keep it comfortable without compromising on the style. However, combining style & comfort isn’t that tough either. Here is how you can do it like a pro.

  1. Polo or crew – just keep it on:


    Pure cotton T-shirts are synonymous to summers. Polo, crew or Henley, no matter what you choose it’s surely going to be the most comfortable & fashionable thing for you in summers. Agree men?

          2. White and some more whites:

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      Going white tip-to-toe, too bold a statement for you? Relax, you can channel the energy of the soothing shade by throwing in some oriental-inspired silhouettes. Or you can just switch your choice of clothing. Instead of blue denim & white T-shirt combo try white jeans with an Indigo T-shirt. For a more grounded look add a nice fedora hat to it. You can even roll up your jeans for a relaxed look.

      1. Go quirky with Madras checks:

      Evenings call out for some colors. How about adding some colorful Madras checks to it? This is the latest trend in the fashion scene. Try the shirts now.

      1. Linens to cotton linens:

      Linen is THE fabric for summer. The rich in flax texture ensures sweat free breezy appearance. But you also need to deal with the creases. You can either opt for linens made with wrinkle free technology or invest in fine quality cotton linen which is equally comfortable & classy.

      1. Go light on light wash denims:

      The comfort of tee & denim is unbeatable. To add some style to it you must try faded denims. Experimenting with the washes is strongly recommended though.

      1. Some windy scarves for you:

      Scarves are for men too. Those tiny pieces add a special touch to your casualwear. Mix & match the shades and textures with your overall attire and there you go like a fashionista!

      1. Keep soothing solids handy:

      From funky prints to soothing solids – all are for summers. From pastel shades to quirky tones you can try all. Just keep the occasion in mind before picking your colors.

      1. Baggy look is in:

      Ditch the skinny look for the sake of comfort. To stay breezy baggy silhouettes are must for summers. Try out some cool baggy jeans or regular fit shirts to keep it high on comfort.

      So got your fashion checklist done? Time to greet the summer Sun in style!

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