Corporate Social Responsibility

The Blindspot

This World Turtle Day, open the eyes of your heart to see the light, see the cause, save a Turtle. Sometimes darkness paves the way to light.

Turtle Corporate Social Responsibility - Blindspot

Turtle For Turtles

Furthering its commitment towards a better world, Turtle Limited has entered a partnership with Turtle Survival Alliance [TSA], a global body that works for turtle conservation.

 Turtle Corporate Social Responsibilities

Save Little Shelly

Why let World Turtle Day be another non-descript day in the year when one can create and celebrate an entire World Turtle Month? That too, in an interesting and engaging way, giving people a real time experience of saving a Turtle!

#iDroppedMyClothes 2016
The time when you decided to run with Turtle for education.
Turtle Corporate Social Responsibilities - Run For Education
#iDroppedMyClothes 2015

A fun and engaging donation drive. Creating awareness towards the cause of those who spend harsh winters without even a single piece of cloth on their bodies.

 Turtle Corporate Social Responsibility - I Dropped My Clothes 2015



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